CrossFit – Fri, Aug 25


CrossFit – Fri, Aug 25

Westshore CrossFit – CrossFit


AMRAP 6: (No Measure)

10 arm swings (across)

10 arm swings (overhead)

10 unweighted good mornings

10 alternating lunge + twists

10 push-ups

10 RDLs

10 bent-over rows

10 hang muscle cleans

10 shoulder presses

– Use an PVC or empty barbell for the last 4 exercises

Build Up

On a 10:00 clock:

5 unbroken clean and jerks (building)

– Rest 1:00-2:00 between sets.

Athletes should perform 5 reps at or up to 20 lbs heavier than their chosen weight for their final warm-up set.

BenchMark WOD

Gwen (Weight)

For load:
Clean and jerks
– Touch-and-go at the floor only. Use the same load for each set.
– Even a re-grip off the floor is a foul.
–Use same load for each set.
– Rest as needed between sets (3-4 Min)
Use a load that is challenging for 10 reps, but not a 10-rep-max. Or approx. 50-60% of previous 1RM weight recommended.

Cool Down

3 sets:

:30 lat foam roll / side

20 banded pull-aparts