CrossFit – Tue, Oct 31


CrossFit – Tue, Oct 31


WSCF Class Schedule Changes:


9:30AM Costume WOD Only ( No Functional Flexibility or Open Gym)


No Evening Classes (Last class of the day 12PM)


9:30AM Veteran’s Day WOD Only

Westshore CrossFit – CrossFit


Rowling (No Measure)

Rowling WarmUp: On a 8:00 Clock Teams who complete the most 119m intervals win. Partner A: Rows to 119m. For every meter Partner A rows under or over 119m, they must perform 2x that many reps of a penalty movement. Partner B: As soon as Partner A gets off of the rower, Partner B starts on their own 119m row.

Mini Round

1 round:

:30 calorie row

:30 burpees

:30 double-unders


The Ghost (6 Rounds for reps)

6 rounds for reps:

1:00 calorie row

1:00 burpees

1:00 double-unders

– Rest 1:00 between rounds.

– Athletes work for 3:00 and then rest 1:00 in a Fight Gone Bad AMRAP style workout.

– Score is total reps completed at the end of the 6 rounds. Keep a running count from movement to movement, or add up all three during their rest period.

6 rounds for reps:

1:00 calorie row

1:00 burpees

1:00 double-under attempts

– Rest 1:00 between rounds.

Cool Down

1 set:

2:00 foam roll calves

1:00 reach-roll-lift