CrossFit – Tue, Sep 13


CrossFit – Tue, Sep 13

Westshore CrossFit – CrossFit

Warm Up

1 set each: (10 sec rest b/t movements)

:30 shoulder taps (slow)

:30 shoulder taps (fast)

:30 supermen (slow)

:30 supermen (fast)

:30 knee push-ups (slow)

:30 push-ups (fast)

:30 alternating scorpions (slow)

:30 alternating scorpions (fast)

:30 burpees (slow)

:30 burpees (fast)


Bench Press (7 sets for load: Every 3 Min
3 bench presses)

INT/Beg: Same as Rx’d

70% (7-8 RPE) or greater for all loads used.

Increase in load each set.

Work w/ partner

Skill Work

Post WOD : Handstand Holds (Checkmark)


:20 handstand hold

– Rest :40

Advanced: Increase to :30, perform stomach-to-wall handstand holds, or both!

Intermediate: Perform the skill work as prescribed.

Beginner: Scale to either a pike handstand hold on a box, on the floor or simply just a straight-arm plank.

Cool Down

Stretch (Checkmark)

2-3 sets:

:20 doorway pec stretch/side

20 banded pull-aparts