Sarah S

stars“If you choose Jody Harris to be your Coach, you are getting more than just a coach, you are getting a true friend who will always go above and beyond for you. Jody’s warm, loving, energetic personality is guaranteed to make people of all fitness levels feel welcome, encouraged, and challenged. There is no reason to be shy or nervous when stepping into a new class if she’s your coach; she really is here for you!

I have had a working relationship with Jody for years and have been able to take off and keep off 40 pounds with her help. Through this time Jody has helped me lose more than just weight, but my old habits, mindsets and thought patterns that were holding me back. Working with her on these adjustments has had a tremendously positive impact in all areas of my life and I am so glad she was the one I trusted to take my journey with.

Jody is a coach for growth, and I don’t just mean muscles [I guarantee she laughed when she read that]. She believes in continually growing herself as a person to help pass that on to her clients and practice as well. If you are looking for a coach who will listen to you, positively impact you, work with you, and strive to see you reach your best, without a doubt, Jody is who you’ve been looking for.”

-Sarah S.