PowerHouse Academy

The Best Powerhouse Academy at our gym in Tampa Bay
  • Powerhouse Academy Gym In Tampa, Florida

Jumping into CrossFit might feel a bit scary, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back! No matter where you’re starting from, we’re here to kickstart your journey. Before diving into the group CrossFit classes, you’ll get to spend some quality time in 2 one-on-one training sessions, each lasting an hour, guided by our superstar coaches.

These academy sessions are like your CrossFit crash course, giving you the lowdown on everything you need to rock in the gym and begin your CrossFit journey. It’s like having a CrossFit fairy godparent! After that, you’ll glide into our CrossFit classes, designed to make you feel right at home in our community.

Our coaching style? Think of it as your personal fitness detective work, focusing on making you move better, get stronger, and live healthier. We’re all about perfecting your movements, boosting your mobility, and shaking things up with a mix of fun and challenging workouts. With CrossFit, you’re not just lifting weights; you’re lifting your spirits, powering up your heart, and charging your stamina. Get ready to feel awesome!

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